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Bespoke Weaving

New product development and bespoke weaving is a key part of our business – in many ways, it’s that which differentiates United Wire from our competitors.

Although we carry the widest range and largest volume of stock material in the UK, we recognise that this range will not cover the requirements of every application, and so our ability to provide customised woven products is a major benefit to clients with technically demanding applications.

There are countless permutations of mesh, wire diameter, weave type and metal that can be manufactured, and we are always ready to discuss the available options.

These dialogues have resulted in a diverse range of dedicated solutions requiring a precise mesh count or aperture, a specific alloy, or a combination of both, and our production programme reserves capacity for specifications woven exclusively to order.

Beyond standard 300 series Stainless Steel, we have experience of weaving and supplying a wide range of technical metals, including the following:

Fecral Alloy 400

Copper C276

Nickel 200

Alloy 825


Alloy 20


Aluminium Alloy

DS Alloy 600

Alloy 601

High Grade Nickel

Alloy 800

Alloy 254

C22 Duplex Stainless

and through our global supply chain we can provide a further range of materials, including for example Titanium and Molybdenum, and if the alloy you need is not on the list, we will do our best to find it for you…