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Oven Bands

Woven in one piece on a custom designed loom, our Flat Track bands are used world-wide to bake biscuits and crackers.


With the option of 5×5, 6×6 or 8×8 mesh patterns, bands can be supplied with stroked back edges or smooth welded, brazed edges.


Stroked back edges provide edge protection against the internal oven fixtures, adding traction to the drive drum when covered with a friction lining. A smooth brazed edge will be the preferred option when there is a critical gap between the band surface and the stripper knife at the oven’s outfeed.


Bands can be woven in a single piece in excess of 200m, and up to 1550mm wide, and through controlled finishing and stretching techniques our bands offer superior tracking properties.


All bands supplied by United Wire are manufactured in our factory in Edinburgh.

Woven oven conveyor bands for cookies and crackers, with the options of stroked back / feathered edges or smooth welded / brazed edges