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Insects, Bees & Birds

Our standard range of wire mesh includes specifications suited for a variety of applications, such as:


Fly and Insect Screening:

Mesh supplied in rolls or panels, standard in Stainless Steel for durability – supplied to any cut width for use as a soffit mesh:

1.35mm aperture x 0.236mm diameter, 72% free area

1.18mm aperture x 0.229mm diameter, 70% free area

These meshes are strong but lightweight and easy to handle and cut – heavier meshes can be provided for use as rodent barriers, example:

1.98mm aperture x 0.560mm diameter, 60% free area

0.91mm aperture x 0.355mm diameter, 52% free area

All these specifications will keep out the unwanted but allow free passage of air and light.


Varroa Mite / Bee Mesh

Durable stainless steel mesh (in 304 or 316) which will allow varroa mites to pass through to the hive floor:

2.46mm aperture x 0.710mm diameter, 60% free area

Supplied in rolls or cut to size pieces (any shape).


Welded Mesh

Suitable for fabrication into cages, feeders and barriers:

5.55mm aperture x 0.80mm diameter, (1/4” pitch, 4 mesh)

11.1mm aperture x 1.60mm diameter, (1/2” pitch, 2 mesh)

23.4mm aperture x 2.00mm diameter, (1” pitch, 1 mesh)

Supplied in rolls or panels in 316 Stainless for durability.

When cutting mesh to size we recommend use of protective clothing, gloves and safety glasses.

Mesh used to prevent ingress by insects, birds and rodents