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Woven wire mesh provides a strong, flexible and light-weight filtration media that is more precise than a foam, typically lighter and thinner than perforated or expanded mesh, and in finer specifications is as easy to cut and handle as paper, ideally suited for use in Fuel Cell and other electrochemical applications.

United Wire has woven and supplied wire mesh to Fuel Cell manufacturers and developers both as an anode support mesh and as part of the anode itself. We have also supplied material for use as intermediary layers between stacks, as part of the inter-connect, and for filtration elements within the balance of plant.

Material can be supplied in a wide range of alloys including Crofer 22* and Nickel Alloy 200, is typically woven to order in a customised mesh specification and can be delivered in rolls or panels.

We can supply panels cut as true rectangles to the tightest tolerances, and control of raw material and weaving tensions ensures mesh can be supplied perfectly flat within precise thickness requirements. Mesh can be supplied calendered or annealed or as woven.

*Crofer 22 is a proprietary name of VDM Alloys

Nickel mesh used as the anode support or an intermediary layer between fuel cell stacks or part of the inter connect and balance of plant