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Process Conveyors

United Wire supplies wire cloth as process and conveyor belts to end users throughout the world in the food, floor coverings, silicone rubber and non-woven products industries. The selection of wire cloth specification and joining mechanism is usually determined by the nature of the product being carried but accurate tracking, belt flatness and seam integrity are always critical parameters.

Seam options include Micro Plasma, Spiral and Alligator joints. The former, is best suited where any unsightly marking of the product is to be avoided. Spiral and Alligator seams are typically used on less sensitive products. They also have the added benefit of being easily joined using a coupling pin by your machine operator.

On Site Seaming – where practicable we can provide an on-site micro-plasma seaming service.

Our technical staff is available for an onsite consultation, to help with product selection and start up support.

Oven conveyors for biscuit production, wire mesh for fryer and oil recovery belts along with curing oven conveyors for silicone sheet and profile extrusion