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Plastic & Polymer Filtration

United Wire has extensive experience in this market, and we have a clear understanding of the critical requirements of customers in this sector.

From synthetic fibres to blown film, from plastics and rubber compounding or recycling, to profile extrusions, we can provide made to measure solutions to suit specific products and production lines.

The selection of the correct filter pack is subject to a range of complex variables and we would be pleased to discuss this during an on-site consultation to determine the most suitable mesh combination and format of supply.

We possess an extensive library of tooling and equipment for the manufacture of extruder screens, multi layered spot-welded packs, or packs with an outer rim of Aluminium, Copper or Stainless steel. Furthermore, we are able to supply single or multi-layer tubular extrusion cylinders or high tensile stainless steel filter ribbons for automatic screen changers.

The full range of alloys and specifications may be cut in-house, from mass produced steel filters for recycling, to precision engineered components for fibre spinning.

Clearly defined operating procedures ensure that all tolerances and specific requirements such as presentation and cleanliness are maintained throughout the manufacturing process, and our flexible production schedules are designed to provide the highest standard of customer service.

If you need an emergency service at short notice please call us.

Extruder screens, screen packs and rim packs for recycling, compounding, masterbatch, blown film and synthetic yarn manufacture