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Metal – From Melt to Mesh

United Wire has developed strong working relationships with audited and approved manufacturers of wire, including fully vertically integrated businesses, providing access to an extensive range of weavable alloys precision drawn to the highest standards.


From standard stainless steels to advanced performance Nickel Chrome alloys, we have the experience and the expertise to provide wirecloth tailored to a customer’s unique requirements.


Our manufacturing programme is focussed on the production of customized technical weaves in specialized materials, and although the mechanical properties of any metal or alloy may restrict the option of weaving the full range of wire cloth specifications, we will investigate all possibilities, including special melts and one-off manufacturing, in our commitment to meeting and surpass the expectations of our customers.


The list provided is a general guide to commonly woven materials and is not intended to be a comprehensive directory – please ask for more information. All wire woven by UW is purchased in accordance with strict quality specifications developed by metallurgical experts.