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How to order


When defining a wirecloth specification it is usual to use the mesh count as a standard measurement. This equates to the number of wires or apertures per lineal inch (25.4mm). Mesh counts may also be specified per cm, per cm2, per French Inch, or also commonly expressed as the size of the aperture. For different applications, the strength of the wirecloth in comparison to the wire diameter and/or the open area of the cloth are critical factors, so it is therefore usual to supplement the mesh count measurement with either a required wire diameter, aperture size, open area percentage, or a combination of these measurements.

When ordering or enquiring please provide the following information:

  • Mesh count or aperture size (and/or open area)
  • Wire diameter(s)
  • Type and weave of cloth
  • Alloy type
  • Number and size of rolls or pieces
  • Application if relevant
  • Any tolerances, drawings and/or special instructions
  • Shipping, packing and documentation requirements

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