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Testing Facilities

United Wire utilises a wide range of testing methodologies, traceable to national standards, ensuring conformity with customer requirements at all stages of the manufacturing process. The calibration system exercises control over all standards, reference materials and test equipment used to measure mechanical, dimensional, metallurgical and chemical properties.


Alloy Verification
X-Ray fluorescence is used to check that chemical compositions are in line with all relevant national and international standards.


Tensile Testing 
Elongation, yield and ultimate tensile strength are tested to confirm that wire conforms to our exacting specification tolerances.


Image Analysis
This technology is used for a more detailed assessment of customer products at both the Research & Development and post-production stage.


Particle Size Analysis
This technology is used to measure particle size distribution and understand how it affects customer products.


Filter Cut Point Testing
Precision glass microspheres are used to ascertain the micron ratings for a wide range of wire cloth specifications.


United Wire can supply all certificates types defined in EN10204, including types 3.1 and 3.2, referencing relevant test results. Product specific certification e.g. filter cut point test certificates for sand screen applications can be supplied on request.